This was sent from one of our ladies that visits from Nottingham. It is good to know you have stayed open and if it wasn’t for the journey we would be there more often. The centre felt like an oasis of calm, so it isn’t just the oxygen and physio, it is the friendly welcome and moral support you offer too. Take care and thanks again.

Don’t know how many people make contact when they receive the Newsletter, even more so in these scary times when most of us are staying firmly at home.  It is a beacon of light when the Newsletter is received, for us, by email.  Always an interesting read and fills us with admiration how Jo and her team, and the executive Committee strive to keep the Centre going no matter what difficulties are thrown at them.  Their resourcefulness is amazing, turning things round in any situation to continue giving to the members.  Researching news from further afield and keeping us updated on what is available where, when and how.  You are an amazing crowd and just wanted you to know how appreciative we are of the effort put in by staff and volunteers to keep us updated on developments.  Well done everyone!With all good wishes,Carol and Alan (Taylor)Barwell, Leicestershire.